Monday, March 20, 2017

1 Stone, 6 weeks , 268 Km

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My first 6 weeks have been completed, couldn't be more happy with the progress I am making with losing my first stone. I have walked 268km in total far and I have to say I haven't felt this good physically in quite some time. I previously weighed around this weight back in 2012. I have put in such a huge effort to get this far.

I have an important 9 weeks coming up now as I have 468km to cover. I am due to start a new shift in work which will hopefully give me an opportunity to get out at least every night of the week where as currently I am constrained to some mornings a week here and there which is difficult enough. Realistically its entirely achievable over the next 9 weeks with an average of 47km required. This has been my poorest week in the last 3 only covering 42km but the poor weather has had a huge impact on that.

November vs March 17th

Hopefully by this time next week I should start to arrive in Wales along this virtual walk. I know I have said it a few times before but this is really an enjoyable experience so far. Its quite fitting that this week Ireland are due to play Wales in the World Cup Qualifiers. As ever thank you so much for reading my blog and also thank you so much to everyone that has donated once again it really means alot to me that I can help raise a bit of money all the while I am just heading out walking every week.

IF you would like to donate something please follow the link .. Donation Link

Please join me again next week as I close in on the next part of the story and hopefully visit some virtual towns in Wales along the way.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

5 Weeks down , on to the Irish Sea

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Good evening everybody , I am back this week with an update of how far i am. Last week I wrote a guest blog post over on my bro's blog at the I felt people probably wouldn't read two posts of my ramblings so i decided to give this one a break. Up until last week I had completed 177km. This weeks walking has now brought me past the 226km. I have achieved my new personal best this week again with an increase in km's.

{Google Maps}
I wanted to say a huge thank you again to the people who have donated this week i have now surpassed 541.61 I never expected to raise this much by just walking my ass off week in week out. Big milestone is on the horizon for me on the weight loss side of things also I am 1 1/2 lbs away from losing my first stone. As you can see currently I am half way across the Irish channel but unfortunately I won't be able to swim that as my body would probably physically pack in but I will continue to mark my distance. My new shift in work begins in a few weeks so i hope to smash my weekly distance and really bring this home over the next 10 weeks. Its really been enjoyable so far I have to say and when I started this initially I thought afterwards that this may break me but if anything its spurring me on. If you would like to donate please follow this link anything would be gratefully appreciated. Donation Link

Another milestones was made this week by my little boy Luke too he learned to crawl which was absolutely brilliant and he's starting to learn how to stand almost too.

As ever thanks so much for reading hopefully this coming week now I can break the 50km mark that would be excellent.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Feeling good and covering a good distance..


3 weeks currently down on this huge feat and I am really starting to get into it. I feel really good health wise and starting to notice the difference in my weight. When I started this challenge 3 weeks ago I weighed myself I was 16.4 stone, today Monday the 27th I weighed myself and currently weigh  15.9 pounds. So in the last 3 weeks it means I have lost 9.5lbs. My goal realistically is to see 14 stone + on the scales and anything after that is a bonus.  I just want to say a big thank you to everyone again who has donated to far €323.52. If you wish to donate please use this link.

This week I covered slightly more of a distance than I have the previous few weeks. Just a little over 45km this week which is a new best currently for me. I forgot to mention last week apart from my phone and watch that I use to monitor I also have two companions with me on most walks my Fiancé Sarah and my little boy Luke. In fairness to them they have been really motivating for me and they enjoy the meals I am cooking with Slimming World. 

My mate Ian (Josse) joined me on a walk this week and I completed my most steps on that day a massive 11.3km. One thing that he noticed when we were walking was that the footwear I was wearing was not suitable for the distance I was covering. He said looking at the way I was standing he felt my feet were supernating which meant I was getting a pain in my feet after long periods of walking. I went and got a Gate Analysis done in Elverys sports and straight away they recognised it was exactly what Ian had said. I bought myself a pair of Asics and after wearing them for one day I noticed a huge improvement and was even able to start running which is something I havent done in a very long time.

Callan was the last place I visited, I have now arrived in New Ross Co.Wexford along my virtual walk.
{Google Map}

The Kennedy family former President ancestral home was not far from New Ross and they later emigrated to the USA. Another famous person worth a note from here is Irish Footballer Kevin Doyle.  
(link to Woodlands}
New Ross (IrishRos Mhic Thriúin, formerly Ros Mhic Treoin) is a town in southwest County WexfordIreland. It is located on the River Barrow, near the border with County Kilkenny, and is around 20 km north east of Waterford. In 2011 it had a population of over 9,316 people, making it the third-largest town in the county after Wexford and Enniscorthy.

Next stop..... Rosslare 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

First 80km Callan , Co.Killkenny....

Hi All ,

Just wanted to start off and say a huge thank you to the people who have donated to the charity page, I really appreciate it and we have raised €195.00 already so far :)

If you would like to donate to this cause please click the Link

So just a brief introduction the plan is to virtually walk 696km from Newport Co Tipperary to London in the United Kingdom. I have set myself a goal of 15 weeks to complete this task I hope to achieve
it sooner than this if possible. I am using my iPhone 7 Plus and Apple watch to monitor the walks I have done. I am doing this for an extremely worthy cause that is close to both mine and Sarah's heart and we just hope the fundraising we have done or do in the future will help a family who might have been in a difficult situation like we once were. I am doing this in memory of our special lady Ava.

This week has seen a huge improvement in my overall well being whilst doing this walk I am also trying to eat a bit healthier and i succeeded in losing 4lbs this week which at the start of the week was looking at no weight loss at all but that changed Tuesday. I feel much better in myself and its giving me extra energy to want to succeed this goal. I have completed 80 Km so far and currently in a town in Kilkenny called Callan.
{Google Maps}

Callan (IrishCallainn) is a market town in County Kilkenny in Ireland. Situated 16 km (10 mi) south of Kilkenny on the N76 road to Clonmel, it is near the border between County Tipperary. It is the largest town in the county, with a recorded population of 2,330 (census 2011).{Wikipedia},_County_Kilkenny

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Newport to London


My Name is Steve and huge welcome to my blog that I am starting. I am hoping to raise some funds for Ava's Fund through the National Maternity Hospital. Previously we have ran a donations page and a raffle for this fund. I am doing this to raise awareness for premature births and hopefully to raise some money along the way too. Our little girl Ava was born at 23 weeks on the 19th of April in 2015. She left a long lasting legacy behind her and I would like to give back as much as I can. I haven't made as much time as I would have liked to in recent months with the arrival Ava's little brother Luke in April of 2016 (Irish Twins).

What I would like to achieve this time is do something different. Over the next 15 weeks or so I want to walk the distance from Newport Co.Tipperary to London in the United Kingdom.

{Courtesy of Google Maps}

My intention over these next number of weeks is to walk 696km which is the distance from my house to London. I will be using my iPhone 7 Plus, my Apple Watch and Map My Walk App to calculate how far I have travelled. Every week I will do a short update how far I have travelled where I currently am with a nice picture of the surroundings. 

If you would like to donate some money to the charity it would be gratefully appreciated or would just like to read how someone is doing a virtual walk then I am more than happy to have you along and read how I am doing. I am hoping to make it a bit fun along the way with a target of almost 50km a week and doing slimming world along the way this well be a really interesting journey.