Monday, March 20, 2017

1 Stone, 6 weeks , 268 Km

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My first 6 weeks have been completed, couldn't be more happy with the progress I am making with losing my first stone. I have walked 268km in total far and I have to say I haven't felt this good physically in quite some time. I previously weighed around this weight back in 2012. I have put in such a huge effort to get this far.

I have an important 9 weeks coming up now as I have 468km to cover. I am due to start a new shift in work which will hopefully give me an opportunity to get out at least every night of the week where as currently I am constrained to some mornings a week here and there which is difficult enough. Realistically its entirely achievable over the next 9 weeks with an average of 47km required. This has been my poorest week in the last 3 only covering 42km but the poor weather has had a huge impact on that.

November vs March 17th

Hopefully by this time next week I should start to arrive in Wales along this virtual walk. I know I have said it a few times before but this is really an enjoyable experience so far. Its quite fitting that this week Ireland are due to play Wales in the World Cup Qualifiers. As ever thank you so much for reading my blog and also thank you so much to everyone that has donated once again it really means alot to me that I can help raise a bit of money all the while I am just heading out walking every week.

IF you would like to donate something please follow the link .. Donation Link

Please join me again next week as I close in on the next part of the story and hopefully visit some virtual towns in Wales along the way.

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